How it all began

The age of Industry 4.0 has already started and companies thinking how to implement it proper in the excisting architecture of their business models, often it leeds to conflicts with the current lean managment developments, but that can be easily avoid.

As similar as the goals are, the approaches are somewhat different. In the past, Lean Production was the measure of all things, but now many companies in industry are wondering where “Lean” is to go from here in the age of Industrie 4.0.
Many are even asking themselves whether they should skip the adaption of a Lean roduction system and erect a “smart factory” from the beginning. Those doing business face the challenge of utilizing the potential of the digitalization and simultaneously circumventing the pitfalls of a too strongly technology-driven approach.

We are here to provide a guideline which advice you and your managment to generate clarity and provide orientation step by step to increase Your companies efficiency.

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